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Where is the best place to buy handmade jewelry? 

My parents think it is right here, at Nape and Cuff. As usual, they are right.

Handcrafted Care. Your bracelet is created with the care and time it takes to make it right.

One of a kind. The stones of your bracelet are carefully chosen for quality and a variation that will bring out the best in its neighbors. No other bracelet will be exactly like yours.

Limited Editions. We are a small shop that makes everything in our Texas studio in very limited batches. Like eight or less. Then we get restless.

Wearable Style. Your cuff will feel fantastic. We soften and shape the leather for your wrist. Beads will remind you of an abacus. ​You could wear your nape and cuff jewelry every day.

Exclusive. All styles are exclusive to nape and cuff.