why make bracelets instead of gallery art

Updated: 5 days ago

Gallery owners who gave me openings and worked with clients were incredibly generous to me, and I appreciate their hard work. Pre-kids, I worked the same hours as my husband, Brad, an attorney: roughly 6 am to 6 pm. When I ran out of ideas, I just made messes to throw away later, and during those years, it was nice that Brad had something to do.

My Heart Lies in Larger Landscapes

However, with its cheese and pristine white walls, the Art World attracts me less than the world I've discovered since grad school. Experiences like hiking 24 miles across the Grand Canyon, giving the right-of-way to mountain goats in Glacier Nat Park, or throwing snowballs in the summer at Crater Lake made me forget image-making.

Preference for the Natural

Those experiences developed my preference for the natural to the artificial. Hiking, I began to breathe more and play more, fashioning bracelets of stuff along the way. I also collected rocks and took photographs of the incredible blues in Yellowstone's glacial lakes and acid pools.

Making Bracelets: Elevating Something More Common

Rather than creating images, I decided to elevate something more common using colors and textures from the National Parks. The bracelets I make are visual keepsakes of specific lakes and trails for me. Most are also are rugged enough for an outdoor lifestyle.

Making something less high-falloutin'

Like gallery art, Nape and Cuff pieces explore materials: beat-up leather, smooth snaps, and beads that spin like an abacus. Unlike gallery art, average human beings can own and wear my jewelry.

Look around. I hope you like the images, of course, and maybe decide to take one of these bracelets or necklaces to your beautiful places.