Phantom Ranch wrap bracelet and necklace, inspired by the greens of the Grand Canyon's oasis

Updated: 5 days ago

Why hike the Grand Canyon? Like most enormous places, it is hard to fathom the size of the canyon unless you experience it with your body, all twenty-seven breathtaking, relentlessly grueling miles. Then there is Phantom Ranch, an unreal collection of cabins in the bottom of the canyon that few people will experience.

Hardy souls built Phantom ranch, carrying building materials and a grand piano to the camp 9 miles down from the South Rim. Among those supplies was a grand piano, now buried in the filled-in pool that once existed. The original Phantom Ranch was a ritzy place but currently serves hikers looking for a spot of peace on their two-day hike through the canyon.

The length of this wrap bracelet/necklace echos the nine-mile driveway one must hike to get to Phantom Ranch. The sage, turquoise, and olive shades of the strand evoke the calming green paint and serenity of this verdant spot after your 100-plus-degrees journey to arrive (carrying water because there is none on the way). Phantom Ranch is so famous that you shouldn't expect more than one night's reservation.

After a shower and a good night's sleep, you'll be back on that long trail, 9 miles back to the South Rim or 14 miles to the North Rim. Brings a new meaning to length.

Sign pointing to North Rim from Phantom Ranch
Headed out from Phantom Ranch