5 fabulous men's bracelet trends for 2021

Updated: 5 days ago

From layering stone with leather bracelets to incorporating pastels, men are wearing bracelets from the park to the office

"Really?" Dad responds.

This would be my father's response if I told him that my sons and husband raid my bracelet inventory. Dad is a native of the Midwest where folks don't need fancy stuff. Annoyed at pinot and cab descriptions, he sticks to his request for burgundy at restaurants. Just a burgundy. He is not a man who would consider pilfering a handmade stone and leather bracelet.

So, Dad, you are welcome to move in. I know you won't screw up my inventory. But I am seeing evidence that men wear bracelets outside the fam.

1. Men are Layering Bracelets

First, there's my friend John, a hair designer and trends and fashion sourcebook. He bought one of the first bracelets I sold and sent this photo:

Flattered by the photo, I can see that wearing a single bracelet is what is unusual. Men are wearing bracelets with an "s," playing with textures, colors, and size relationships in exciting ways. Above, rough lava stones lay against smooth braided leather. That leather contrasts with a larger leather braid followed by deep cobalt blue of lapis lazuli stones in the Beauty Pool Bracelet from nape and cuff jewelry. I love the play of rough, smooth, black and brown, matte and shiny, neutrals with color.

2. Men Use Pastels with Intelligence

Men are showing a lot of bracelet combinations right now. Below, this guy pulls off a pastel bracelet by mixing it with rougher companions: dark beads and a sleeve of tattoos.

Photo by Steven Erixon on Unsplash

3. Men Look Beyond the Valet Box

Not every combination needs to be gemstone and silver. In the picture below, a simple black string contrasts with the broader leather bracelets. Painting and colored-cord introduce color and depth to this combo. Very casual and incredibly cool. I sometimes wear a collar that used to belong to Sprocket, a dog I really miss. Don't overlook those sentimental items when stacking your wrist.

Photo by Ian on Unsplash

4. Men Use A Combo That Always Works: the One-Color Essay

Below, an essay on brown uses different materials to keep the mix fresh. You cannot lose if you stick with one color.

Photo by Ali Yahya

5. Men's Bracelet's in Professional Settings

Finally, those bracelets aren't just for going or hanging out. They go to work with men, adding style to their office-appropriate duds. Stacking bracelets with a watch? Yes.

Yes, men wear bracelets. Not my Dad, but that's okay.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

One final photo, just because it is such a compelling image:

Photo by Jana Sabeth on Unsplash