5 easy steps to a no-fail creative work habit

Updated: 5 days ago

The Work Habit Works

If you read How Talent Undermines Creatives and How to Combat This, you will be familiar with Emily, my student that didn't work hard because she arrived in my class labeled "talented." Lucky for Emily, she is a freshman with a few years to develop better work habits. The advantage of a class and assignment structure will help her.

But what about you? Real-life commitment is harder to achieve. You probably have a job, kids, parents, a pet, a partner, and an iPhone. You probably know that creating, exploring, and making mistakes will take time, but knowing and doing is not the same. To combat letting your work slide, set a work schedule:

How to Set a Work Schedule

  1. Pick a time to work on your craft that is always available.

  2. Put that time on your calendar as an appointment.

  3. Treat this time as sacred, i.e., don't give it up without a real emergency unrelated to clothing or Happy Hours.

  4. Don't skip.

  5. Repeat

  • Work. Repeat.

See you next week for the next step . . . How to Begin: Instruction, Mentors and Idea Generation.