what makes nape and cuff unique?

At Nape and Cuff, jewelry creation starts with the highest quality stones available.  We search for stones with interesting variations and tonal differences that will add to both the unity and uniqueness of your piece.


Each bracelet and necklace is handcrafted with the care you would want dedicated to your jewelry.

From looming beads to creating leather clasps or custom buttons, we produce the parts of a Nape and Cuff Jewelry to comfortably fit the body.


If you need customization, please do not hesitate to contact us. Nothing is more important than fit.


We choose stones for interesting veins and
inclusions because they
contribute to variation
while staying on theme


adjustable clasps

Adjustable clasps fit individually to each braclet and cuff.


every stone has a job

every stone has the job of bringing out the best in its neighbors...

so are chosen one at a time.

magnetic clasps

Magnetic clasps from Tierra Cast.  Add style with superb quality.

Ends find each other but hold fast.


custom buttons

created, etched and sanded by hand

n+c brand

the final
detail is marking your bracelet with the N+C brand.

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