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Stuck at home during Covid, I have had the opportunity to travel to the places I love most through my studio's stones.

As a very young couple, my husband and I first traveled to The Grand Canyon, back when lodging was a lottery.   Our room, however, at the Bright Angel Lodge came with a view of the canyon we could see from our bed. Our hilltop room also sat above the crowds at the rim, so we watched the sun come up under the sheets.

Hiking down into the canyon, the Bright Angel Cliffs glowed with colored layers that signified geological time, the kind of time that is impossible to grasp in phrasing like "10 billion years ago."  In the Grand Canyon, eons are visible. We fell more deeply in love, but I also started an affair with rocks. The dusty, matte bisques, clays, salmons, and umbers of ore and rubble. These stones became my materials for the bracelets and necklaces I would craft.

Heading to Glacier National Park the following year, we hiked up to lakes fed only by glaciers, rain, and snowfall. The clarity of the cobalt, aqua, and azure hues of these waters, pure of organic material from rivers, stunned me. For me, the value of these colors connected to their rarity. Labradorite, lapis, larimar, jasper stones represent that rarity for me. To string these stones into strands of wrap bracelets and necklaces turns that rarity inside out.

I collected stones, bits of nest, and more stones from these parks and Yellowstone, Crater Lake, and the Smokey Mountains. Until the pandemic, I was too busy doing unnecessary stuff to reflect on these materials and experiment. To hold these resilient, dusty bits of stone and let memories of beautiful places inspire me to make something of these fragments. The work that has become nape and cuff is a tarnished silver lining of this rough year.